FAQs can help when it comes to choosing or switching to the healthier, pasture raised meats!

1. Does OrganicMeatBlock.com deliver?

Yes we do, the companies we support deliver from the USA to Canada. Delivery is fast, reliable and the Grass-Fed Meats and Wild-Caught Seafood is always fresh!

2. How is Organic Meat raised?

It really depends on the farmer livestock. Organic is determined by no use of antibiotics or no GMOs in the feed or grass.

Unfortunately, how they are raised can vary from farm to farm. How the livestock is raised determines how we choose the companies we support here. We think the better the cattle or livestock is raised. The higher the quality of the meat will be.

3. Does Grass-Finished Meat from Organic Meat Block taste different than conventional meat?

The answer to this one is not a simple yes or no. In several taste test, some of the testers could not tell the difference in taste.

Although, the taste was the same to some of the testers, the health differences are clearly different. The health benefits outweigh the benefits compared to regular conventional meats.

4. Is Organic Meat Genetically Modified?

No, the use of GMOs in (Genetically Modified Organisms) Organic Meats is strictly prohibited. This means no genetic modification occurs in the livestock the Meat Farmer has chosen. These guidelines cover all Organic food farmers.

5. Are the Meats from Organic Meat Block Paleo Diet Friendly?

Due to the term Paleo, (Paleolithic) being a Caveman Diet. In the Old Stone Age, hunting and gathering were the methods used to find food.

Back in the Paleolithic Era most of the tools made and used were stone tools. The Paleo diet consist of Organic Grass-Fed Meats, Nuts, Seeds, Organic Vegetables, Grains and Organic Dairy Products. Any Foods that were considered to be eaten by early humans, falls under the Paleo Diet umbrella.

6. Why is Organic Meat Quality Important?

First of all, In our opinion the Top reason meat quality is important, are the Health Benefits. There are many other reasons as well.

For example, Organically raised livestock is pesticide-free the Organic Meat Farmers never use antibiotics, animal byproducts or growth hormones. The USDA has 8 meat quality grades- Prime, Choice, Canner, Standard, Commercial, Cutter & Select. Keep that in mind when searching for what type of Organic Meats to choose.

7. Are the Meats from OrganicMeatBlock.com fed with GMO feed?

It is strictly prohibited to fed GMOs to Meat that is considered to be Organic. Feeding them any type of Genetically Modified or Engineered Organisms will force it to be no longer considered 100% Organic.

Rather it would be considered Conventional Meat. Even when it comes to farmers planting crops, or grass for the livestock to eat. The plants or grasses that are fed to the livestock have to be 100% Pesticide-Free or the Meat will not be accepted as Organic.

8. What type of Meat Processing Equipment do you recommend?

For the best prices on the internet, here at OrganicMeatBlock.com we recommend MeatProcessingProducts.com. They have many reasons people choose them over other meat processing companies. Taste, Cost, Health, Quality & Control just to name a few. We are a proud supporter of only the best companies like MeatProcessingProducts.com. Try them for yourself and see just what we mean!

9. What is the meaning of Organic Meat?

The meaning of Organic Meat is: meat produced by means and strategies that follow the strict guidelines of Organic or Natural Farming methods. The requirements of Meat range internationally. Sustainable Organic farming practices encourage ecological stability, and biodiversity throughout the world.

According to USDA, Organic Meat certification requires that farmers document their processes and have inspections every year. Organic Meat inspections that are on-site account for every component of the operation, including, but not limited to, seed sources, soil conditions, crop health, weed and pest management, water systems, and record-keeping just to name a few. Tracing the records and practices of organic products from start to finish is part of the USDA Promise.

10. Is Organic Meat Better for my Health?

When any type of livestock or cattle produced for Organic Meat is Grass-Fed from calf age. The meat is much more Lean, Higher in Fatty Acids, Lower in Fat, High in Omega 3, and Higher Levels of CLA as well. With the higher levels of Omega 3s, which are better for your heart. While conventional Meats are more likely to be treated with antibiotics or even infested with bacteria that is sometimes antibiotic- resistant. It's safe to say, these meats are better for your heart when compared to Conventional Meats.